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Technocrats offer wide range of state of the art most user friendly CNC Cutting Systems which are considered one of best option in market today. We have made a space for ourselves in a very short span of time as the leading manufacturers of Plasma CNC Profile Cutting Machines and exporter based in Mumbai in India. The features of our machines are developed based on the feedback received from survey & our users. This has made our system most acceptable to users. Learning; the operation is childs job. Hardened & Ground Drive mechanism, Precision rack & pinion, precisely fabricated and machined surfaces produces excellent stability to the system. The rapid speed is achievable in the range of 15 meters per minute. The cutting of sheets of thickness in the range of 0.2 mm or so is possible at speed of 14 meters per minute by our most popular cnc machine model known as CUB. The controller, softwares, drives and motors are from internationally reputed manufacturers and are time tested for their reliable performance. Plasma Cutting power sources up to the capacity for 100 mm and oxyfuel/gas cutting upto 200 mm is readily available from 1500mm width to 6000mm width and length up to 100 meters. Auto plate alignment, Auto Nesting is standard feature of our machines. Under water cutting, fume extraction system and pollution controlled enclosures are provided as per the requirement of customers. System can be designed for multi functions such as drilling, taping, marking, beveling etc as per the requirement. Computerized Numerically Controlled Plasma/Gas profile cutting system provides most economical solution for metal cutting for fabrication industry. All drawings produced in AutoCAD is imported into the nesting software and the desired codes (G&M) are transferred to the CNC controller which in turn controls drives to cut shapes in an optimum order. Basic system of X-Y table, motors with drives, Auto height control systems, Plasma cutting torch, Gas cutting torches, Plasma power supply, Gas supply manifold etc. Air, oxygen, Argon, Argon+Hydrogen, Nitrogen etc. are used as plasma gas in combination with shielding gas depending upon the materials being cut. Air and oxygen are used for mild steel cutting with plasma for economic reasons.All ferrous and non-ferrous materials can be cut with Plasma. However Plasma cutting of mild steel is limited to 50mm thickness for economic reasons. Gas cutting (oxy-fuel) is possible up to 300mm thicknesses. Less

Miniature Type

An accuracy of 0.5mm may be expected from this machine of basic size of 1500mm x 3000mm. Most commonly used range is 1-30mm. However there is no limit up to 100mm.
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Gantry Type

Dual driven gantry type versatile CNC system for all your plate profile cutting needs. Plasma cutting interface upto 150mm cutting with beveling. Initial and auto height control makes product more versatile.
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Pipe Profile

The CNC Controlled Pipe Profile Cutting Machine provides wide working range from diameters 30mm to 1500mm and pipe lengths from 100mm to 12000mm using Oxy Fuel or Plasma.
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Miniature Type Gantry Type Pipe Profile