CNC Plasma Cutting Machine -- KALI-45iHD

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine -- KALI-45iHD

CNC Compatible Air Plasma Cutting System:

KALI-500HD is a CNC compatible plasma cutting machine with 60-500 amperes output current range. It can cut upto 125mm pierce cut and 150mm edge cut of any electro conductive metal plate like Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, Nickel, Chrome, Bronze, Galvanized Steel, Heated Steel, Wear Plates & Castings etc.

It is heavy duty, rugged machine suitable fot both workshop & project sites.

Special Features:

  • 100% Indian Product.
  • Efficiency and Power Factor over 90%.
  • Saving over 50% compared to conventional mahines.
  • Air Cooled Torch with 6meters long cable.
  • unique torch design which allows operator to place the torch on the job being cut.
  • Best cut quality / input power ratio .
  • Post cutting operations such as grinding of dross etc. almost eliminated.
  • Designs takes care of EMI interference which is prominent with other machines.
  • Highest consumable life.
  • Almost all parts of the torch are replaceable hence least maintenance cost .
  • Safety interlocks for operators and machine against high/low voltage, low air pressure.
  • Power source is designed for continuous operations.
  • Least operating cost & Energy Effiicient.
  • Heavy duty design for integration with CNC profile Cutting machines.

Technical Specification Of KALI-45iHD:

  • Input : 3 Phase, 415Volts± 15%, 50 Hertz
  • Open Circuit Voltage : 330 Volts
  • Output Current Range : 10-45 AMPS
  • Max Power Output : 4 KW
  • Power Factor : 0.9+
  • Cutting Range (Pierce/Edge) : 6/12 mm
  • Insulation Class : “H/F”
  • Power Source Cooling : Forced Air
  • Torch Cooling : Air
  • Suitability with plasma gases : Oil Free Compressed Air

Standard Scope of Supply:

  • Air Cooled Air Plasma Cutting CNC Torch.
  • Earthing cable with clamp. – 1 no.
  • Hose pipe of 5 meters with end coupling.
  • Electrode - 5 Sets.
  • Nozzles - 5 Sets.


Spares & Consumables available for the machine KALI-45iHD:

  • Nozzle.
  • Electrode.
  • Front Cap.
  • Contact Tube.
  • Electrode Holder.
  • Nozzle Holder.

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