CNC Plasma/Gas Profile Cutting Machine -- PUMA-BX

CNC Plasma/Gas Profile Cutting Machine -- PUMA-BX

The CNC based pipe profile cutting machine PUMA-BX, is a unique innovative product from Technocrats Plasma Systems. It can be used for all profile cutting needs on smaller as well as bigger size pipes. It is available in different size variants. Puma can either be Chuck driven or Conveyer driven. The machine uses state-of-the art technology in cutting (plasma or oxyfuel), electronics and software. It delivers superb cut quality and productivity at a much lower overall cost. It eliminates time consuming processes of forming templates and manual cutting and subsequent grinding. It produces smooth cut profiles as per drawings and all that in a fraction of the time involved in manual processes. All these qualities put together, PUMA profile cutting equipments provide an excellent ROI.

Special Features:

  • Provision for beveling.
  • Software for unfolding and DNC software built-in.
  • Upto six controlled Axes with precision machined Rack & Pinion Drives / Ball screw mechanisms.
  • Working Length – Flexible (1m to 20m).
  • Chuck as well as disc support.
  • Possible to cut bevel on all profiles.
  • Accepts AUTOCAD drawings.
  • Possible to pierce up to 50mm thick metals.
  • Plasma & Oxy-fuel cutting.
  • Remote diagnostics.
  • Super cut quality.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Profiles in accordance with AWS and API standards.
  • 5 -axis Pipe profile cutting machine.
  • Digital AC servo drives and motors for high speed, superb control, high precision and high repeatability.
  • Possible to cut bevel on all profiles.
  • Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.5mm, Repeatability: +/- 0.5mm
  • Plasma & Oxy-fuel cutting.
  • Accepts AUTOCAD drawings.
  • Possible to pierce up to 50 mm thick metals.


  • Pipe profile cutting machine is generally used to produce the following kind of profiles – Saddle Elbow
    Cross cut out


  • Technical Specification of PUMA-BX (5-axis):
    Number of Torches for Cutting : Plasma &/or Oxy-Fuel
    Max Pipe Length : 20 meters
    Max Pipe Diameter : 600 mm
    Min Pipe Diameter : 50 mm
    Structure Material : MS Frame
    Drive mechanism : Rotary Gearbox for X, C & A axis, Rack and Pinion for Y axis, Ball screws for Z axis.
    No. of controlled axes with independent drives/motors : X axis- 1 no., Y axis- 1 no., Z axis- 1 no. (torch up-down movement), C axis- 1 no. Torch Rotation, A axis- 1 no. torch tilt, Total - 5 axis.
    CNC Controller Make : Camsoft / Hypertherm
    Cable Conveyers : Cable drag chain system
    Bevel arrangement : Included

Standard Scope Of Supply:

  • 5- Axis CNC based Pipe Profile Cutting system complete with Software, Hardwares, Auto Bevel Cutting attachment, Plasma &/or Oxy fuel Cutting torch and Plasma Power Source , with 6 meters Long cable assembly.
  • CNC Controller:
    PUMA Series CNC Controllers are standalone controllers with embeded intelligence. These controllers also have built-in PLC's where customized programs can be downloaded. Navigation is through touchscreen based menu driven user interface making it extremely. Use 32-bit high-performance CPU and super-large scale programmable element FPGA, apply real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, and have high stability when working.
  • Torch Height Control:
    This mechanism ensures that the torch maintains a constant distance from the pipe. During cutting, if there is undulation in the pipe surface, there is a chance that the torch touches the plate surface and this may result in torch damage and damage of the profile being cut.
  • Racks, Pinions, Gearboxes and Drives:
    Positioning speed and accuracy of cutting depends on the selection of components. PUMA series uses most meticulously picked components to achieve positioning accuracy: +/-0.5mm and repeatability : +/- 0.5 mm constantly and consistently over years.
  • Servo Motors:
  • Nesting Software:
    AutoCAD compatible software allows to click on a pipe, unfold the surface and generate ISO codes for the CNC, all in a matter of few clicks.
    1. DXF import feature.
    2. Explore solid pipes and unfold surface.
    3. G code generation.
    4. Cutting sequence customization.


  • Fume Extraction System.
  • Plasma Power Sources:
    The PUMA series can be interfaced with a wide variety of Plasma Sources including our own KALI (both converterized and inverterized), kjellberg or Hypertherm. Up/Down control for the torch is provided on the main panel.
  • Oxy Fuel Torch:
    The PUMA Series can be interfaced with an oxy-fuel torch. Up/Down control for the torch is provided on the main panel.
  • Gas Manifold:
    It is specially designed for the single gas source, and it can be widely used as a standby system for the main gas source or other gas source like tank gas. STRUCTURAL FEATURES , open structure design. Blind plug at the pipe end for possible extensive. The whole system passed pressure test safe and reliable. Either wall or horizontal installation.
    High pressure hoses are metal hoses, or oxygen cylinder manifold use red copper pipes, the acetylene cylinder manifold uses chrome plate metal stainless steel pipes.Flashback arrestor at the outlet of the acetylene and propane cylinder manifold. Adopting pressure reducer with large flow.
  • Gas Control Panel for Water Cooled Plasma Torches.
  • Spares & Consumables available for the machine PUMA-BX:


  • Oxy-Fuel -
  • Torch Nozzle.
  • Gas Torch Plasma -
  • Nozzle.
  • Electrode.
  • Front Cap.
  • Plasma Swirl.
  • Contact Tube.
  • Electrode Holder
  • Nozzle Holder.

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