Gantry Based Machine

CNC Plasma/Gas Profile Cutting Machine -- Gantry Based Machine

Dual driven gantry type versatile CNC system for all your plate profile cutting needs. Rugged construction of Panther makes it extremely suitable for Plasma / Oxyfuel cutting with multiple cutting heads. With precision and accuracy built into the design of the system, combined with excellent cut quality and productivity, Panther provides true value for money. Gantry based CNC profile cutting machines has all popular features generally found in the market. There is no limitation of width and length of the machine. It is possible to deliver machines with very high accuracy of cutting. Unique design of initial and auto height control makes the product more versatile and produces best quality of circles and other shapes. Beveling is possible even on circular cuts. Plasma cutting produces results which are so close to the ideal cuts produced by market leaders at much higher investment and operating cost.

Special Features:

  • Cutting process: Plasma and/ or oxyfuel, with multiple torches.
  • All types of Auto bevel cutting on circular, straight line and all shapes.
  • Auto Plate alignment features.
  • Under water, fume extraction systems, auto slag removal system.
  • Auto ignition, powder marking, punch marking/plasma marking.
  • No limitation about length and width of the machine.
  • Remote diagnostics.
  • Optimal space utilization.
  • Excellent training for operators and dependable support for services.
  • Option of CNC controllers from Adtech / Hypertherm / Camsoft / Fanuc.
  • Working area: Length: unrestricted; width:7.5m
  • Drive system: Dual sided drive (servo motors) for longitudinal traverse; Servo motor driven transverse axis with rack and pinion, dual linear motion guides.
  • Rapid Positioning speed: Upto 12m/min, settable acceleration and deceleration.
  • Torch Height control : Precise height control through capacitive sensor (oxyfuel)/ Arc voltage control with Initial plate sensing and unique piercing sequence for superb cut quality and longer life of consumables.
  • CAD/ CAM & nesting software.
  • User friendly & ergonomic design.
  • Maintenance free.

Optional Features :

  • Oxyfuel: Auto gas console for automatic setting of high, low preheat and cutting oxygen; suitable for any fuel gas.
  • Marking process: Plasma/ Punch/ Powder/ ink-jet.
  • Beveling head: For plasma/ oxyfuel +/- 50˚ bevel for profiles.
  • Usage:
    CNC Plate profile cutting machines are commonly used to cut any kind of profile on plate, which requires precision and higher cutting speed.



Industres Served:

  • Automobile Manufacturing.
  • Ship Building.
  • Auto component manufacturing.
  • Boiler manufacturing.
  • Heat exchanger manufacturing.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Vessel Manufacturing.
  • Fabrication.
    Spares & Consumables available for the machine:


  • Oxy-Fuel.
  • Torch Nozzle.
  • Gas Torch Plasma.
  • Nozzle.
  • Electrode.
  • Front Cap.
  • Plasma Swirl.
  • Contact Tube.
  • Electrode Holder.
  • Nozzle Holder.

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