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Manual Plasma Cutting Machine
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  Manual Plasma Cutting Machines      
Plasma Cutting Machines
  CNC Cutting Systems
  •   Miniature Type
  •   Gantry Type
  •   Pipe Profile
  CNC Plasma Cutting Machines
  •   KALI-HD Series
  •  KALI-150HD
  •  KALI-200HD
  •  KALI-400HD
  •  KALI-500HD
  •  KALI-45iHD
  •  KALI-80iHD
  •  KALI-100iHD
  •  KALI-200iHD
  •  KALI-300iHD
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• Plasma Cutting Machines
• Plasma Welding Machines
• CNC Plasma/Gas Profile Cutting
• CNC Pipe Plasma/Gas Profile Cut
• Cutting and Welding Automation
• Arc Welding Machines
• MMA/TIG Welding Machines
• MIG/MAG CO2 Welding Machines
• Submerged Arc Welding Machines
• Semi Automatic Gas Cutting

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Technocrats Plasma Systems "KALI" series of plasma cutting machines will help you get your cutting and gouging jobs done faster, easier, more reliably and at a lower cost. View the complete line of KALI Series, torches & consumables and accessories.            

KALI-F Series


KALI-H Series


KALI-I Series

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Manual Plasma Cutting Chart With Models

Models Type Input Output Torch Type Cutting Thickness
Clean (mm) Coarse (mm)
Plasma 45i   Inverter 1-phase 45A/130V Air Cooled 32 45
Kali 45i Inverter 3-phase   45A/130V Air Cooled 8 16
Kali 60i Inverter 3-phase   60A/135V Air Cooled 16 30
Kali 80i Inverter 3-phase   90A/140V Air Cooled 25 35
Kali 100i Inverter 3-phase   120A/140V Air / Water Cooled   30 45
Kali 200i Inverter 3-phase   200A/140V Water Cooled 40 70
Kali 300i Inverter 3-phase   300A/140V Water Cooled 50 80
Kali 500i Inverter 3-phase   500A/140V Water Cooled 75 125
Kali 80 Thyristor   3-phase   90A/135V Air Cooled 25 40
Kali 100 Thyristor   3-phase   120A/145V Air / Water Cooled   32 50
Kali 150 Thyristor   3-phase   200A/145V Water Cooled 50 75
Kali 200 Thyristor   3-phase   300A/150V Water Cooled 75 100
Kali 400 Thyristor   3-phase   400A/200V Water Cooled 100 125
Kali 500 Thyristor   3-phase   500A/200V Water Cooled 125 150
Kali 700 Thyristor   3-phase   700A/200V Water Cooled 150 180
Kali 1000 Thyristor   3-phase   1000A/200V Water Cooled 200 300
Kali 30F Diode 3-phase   40A/120V Air Cooled 8 16
Kali MF Diode 3-phase   70A/130V Air Cooled 16 32
Kali 80F Diode 3-phase   90A/135V Air Cooled 25 40
Kali 100F Diode 3-phase   120A/140V Air / Water Cooled   32 50
Kali 150F Diode 3-phase   200A/150V Water Cooled 50 75
Kali 200F Diode 3-phase   300A/160V Water Cooled 75 100
Kali 400F Diode 3-phase   500A/200V Water Cooled 100 140
Kali 500F Diode 3-phase   600A/200V Water Cooled 125 175


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