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Invertised submerged arc welding (SAW) power source
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  Submerged Arc Welding Machine ->Inverter Based      
  MMA/TIG Welding Machines
  •   Diode Based
  •   Thyristor Based
  •   Inverter Based
  •   AC/DC TIG 
  MIG/MAG Co2 Welding Machine
  •  Diode Based
  •  Thyristor Based
  •   Inverter Based
  Submerged Arc Welding Machine
  •   Diode Based
  •   Thyristor Based 
  •   Inverter Based
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• Cutting and Welding Automation
• Arc Welding Machines
• MMA/TIG Welding Machines
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• Submerged Arc Welding Machines
• Semi Automatic Gas Cutting

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Submerged arc welding (SAW) is so named because the weld and arc zone are submerged beneath a blanket of flux. The flux material becomes conductive when it is molten, creating a path for the current to pass between the electrode and the workpiece. The flux blanket prevents spatter and sparks, while shielding ultraviolet light and fumes that are normally a part of shielded metal arc welding. The flux usually is supplied to the welding head via a small hopper. A collection system gathers the excess flux for reuse.
The process uses one or more continuously fed electrodes (wires) to maintain an arc. SAW is known for its ability to deposit large amounts of metal quickly, consistently, and safely. The basic SAW equipment is a power source, control unit, wire unit, and nozzle.

Special Features:

• Rated For Continuous Application.
• Constant Arc Length Eliminating Need Of Skilled Welder.
• Super Reliable Trolley & Control .
• Remote Control Of Welding Voltage and Current.


SAW is ideally suited for longitudinal and circumferential butt and fillet welds. However, because of high fluidity of the weld pool, molten slag and loose flux layer, welding is generally carried out on butt joints in the flat position and fillet joints in both the flat and horizontal-vertical positions. For circumferential joints, the work piece is rotated under a fixed welding head with welding taking place in the flat position. There is virtually no restriction on the material thickness, provided a suitable joint preparation is adopted. Most commonly welded materials are carbon-manganese steels, low alloy steels and stainless steels, although the process is capable of welding some non-ferrous materials with judicious choice of electrode filler wire and flux combinations.

Thyristorised submerged arc welding (SAW) power source
  Technical Details Of Submerger Arc Welding Machine TD

Industries Served:

• Machine manufacturing.
• Automobile Manufacturing.
• Ship Building.
• Auto component manufacturing.
• Boiler manufacturing.
• Heat exchanger manufacturing.
• Infrastructure.
• Vessel Manufacturing.
• Fabrication.

Spares & Consumables Available:

• Wire Feeder.
• Wire Spool.
• Flux.
• Flux Cone.
• Flux Hopper.
• Mechanized Trolley.
• Torch Head.


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