Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine

What is Plasma?

Plasma is popularly known as 4th state of matter, other three being SOLID, LIQUID & GAS. After the gas is heated or external energy is applied to the gas it gets ionized and plasma is formed. In other words ionized form of gas is Plasma. Plasma conducts electricity. It’s a very hot substance. Plasma exits in nature as well. The aura around the sun is plasma. The heat we receive on earth is due to plasma. Plasma is generated in a specially designed gun called plasma torch using electrical power for various engineering applications including metal cutting. The process is known as Plasma cutting. Plasma cutting is becoming increasingly popular these days due to its advantage over conventional method of cutting metals.Plasma can cut all conducting metals such as SS, MS, AL, COPPER, BRASS, INCONEL and MONEL etc.

Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting is process by which all types of conducting materials can be cut. This is an economic commonly used process for steel cutting in the industry today. Plasma arc is generated in a device called Plasma Torch. Compressed air, Argon, Nitrogen , Argon + Hydrogen ( 65%+35%) gas is used as plasma gas based on metals and quality requirements. Pilot arc is generated in the torch which oozes out of the nozzle and is thrown on to the job to be cut. Plasma arc is established between the cathode in the torch and the job which is anode through constricted hole in the nozzle. Plasma arc temperature is quite high ( in the range of 11000 degree C to 300000 degree C). The metal under cutting melts instantaneously and is thrown down by the kinetic energy of the Plasma arc. Electrical capacity of the power source decides the max. cutting capacity.

Plasma cutting is the most common process used for cutting thick stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper and host of other alloys of steel. The cut quality is very sharp and most economical even for ferrous materials such as mild steel. Plasma cutting process is fast replacing the commonly used oxy fuel cutting for thicknesses in the range of 0.5mm to 50mm thicknesses.

Plasma is fourth state of matter, others being solid, liquid and gas. Plasma is ionized form of gas. Application of external energy such as heat or electrical on gas leads to eviction of electrons from the orbit creating free electrons and ions. This makes the gas conductive .Plasma cutting machines make use of this Plasma for cutting of steel and other metals.

Miniature Based CNC Cutting Machine

"CUB" series of miniature CNC profile cutting machines is targeted at small and medium scale industries. Portable CNC machines have almost all the features of a big CNC machine. AutoCAD drawings are converted into codes using the nesting software and transferred to the machine through pen drive.

Gantry Based CNC Cutting Machine

Dual driven gantry type versatile CNC system for all your plate profile cutting needs. Rugged construction of Panther makes it extremely suitable for Plasma / Oxyfuel cutting with multiple cutting heads.
With precision and accuracy built into the design of the system, combined with excellent cut quality and productivity, "PANTHER" provides true value for money. Gantry based CNC profile cutting machines has all popular features generally found in the market.

Pipe Profile CNC Cutting Machine

The CNC Controlled Pipe Profile Cutting Machine provides wide working range from diameters 30mm to 1500mm and pipe lengths from 100mm to 12000mm using oxy fuel or plasma. The CNC based pipe profile cutting machine "PUMA" is a unique innovative product from "Technocrats Plasma Systems."

KALI-F Series

Power sources based on simple rectification principle using diodes with no control of output or modular design for step control. Simplicity makes them most reliable. The oldest series with several thousands of machines in the market. Unique torch design enhances operator efficiency and life of the torch.

KALI-H Series

Power source with step less control of output which allows the operator to adjust the output power (current) to suit his requirements. Torch design for mechanized cutting produces excellent square cut.
Life of consumables is comparable to best in the market.

KALI-I Series

Inverterised plasma cutting machines are the new generation machines with very good power factor and efficiency (excess of 90%). These are compact in size. Also available in one phase design suitable for cutting thickness starting from 0.5mm. The higher capacity machines can cut above 100mm thickness. Life of consumables for Jet-series is several times higher.

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