Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

How much training do I need? How much do I have to know about computers?

Our CNC systems are very easy to learn and use. There's no need for expensive training seminars or long startup times. Our engineers provide fast and effective training. Live-action illustrations and tutorials guide you through setup and operation of the machine. Several example projects also help you learn the software. Depending on your prior experience with computers, CAD and CNC, you should be up and running in a few hours to a few days. If you lack basic computer skills and are not familiar with Microsoft Windows, we recommend that you buy a book, learn from a friend, or take a computer class for beginners.

How much maintenance does the machine need? How well is it supported?

Because our system is so well designed, maintenance and repair requirements are much lower than you might expect. We provide excellent support for the machine in case you need help, and replacement parts are available.

What warranty and support does the machine include?

The machine is covered by a 1-year limited warranty and free technical support.

What can I do with this machine? What kind of business can I start?

Many of the samples shown throughout this web site were made by our customers in their businesses and schools:
• Our CNC machines are often used as a main part of an ornamental iron, sign, or landscaping business. You can make products like railings, gates, sculptures, benches, tables, furniture, truck racks, weather vanes, wind chimes, security doors, fireplace screens, company signs, ranch entries, address & welcome signs, key & coat racks, hardware, garden ornaments, candle holders, lamps, picture frames, mirrors, clocks, business card & napkin holders, decorative kitchen items, and so on. Our customers do both high-end custom work and low-cost, large-volume manufacturing.
• Our CNC machines are also used to fabricate geometric, mechanical parts for manufactured products. Your shop or plant may be currently making flat parts that could be made much more quickly and economically with Technocrats. Not only can plasma cutting replace many shearing, drilling, and sawing operations while reducing scrap, but plasma cutting generally outperforms laser and water jet in terms of cutting speed. Some of our customers run as many as 4 machines at once, on a nearly continuous production schedule!
• A related use of Our CNC machines is low-cost, rapid prototype building for research & development. The ease with which a new product can be drawn in CAD and then cut on the machine is revolutionizing the design process in some companies.
• Another related use is by repair shops, which use Technocrats machines to make various parts that are needed to repair a large piece of equipment, for example. You can quickly measure a part that needs to be replaced, draw it in our software, and cut a brand new replacement.
• • Several Technocrats machines are used in heating & air conditioning businesses to make custom HVAC fittings. Often these same machines are used to build other types of projects on the side (like metal art).